In-Company massages

Chair massages (in-company massages) can also be applied in your business location on my massage chair. The treatment lasts 15 minutes and the patient can keep their clothes on. After the treatment, one can return to work feeling revitalised. A chair massage can be performed almost anywhere and are therefore accessible and easy to plan. A chair massage works very well for people who work at the computer or drive a car frequently and can also be used preventively against RSI.

The government recognises the importance of chair massages in the workplace because it reduces the risk of stress and other work-related symptoms. Therefore, the government promotes massage: the costs are deductible as operating expenses and the tax (btw) amount may in some cases be reclaimed.

Rates can be obtained from Abel Jorge Rojas Larossa, mobile 06 555 963 46.


Bedrijfsmassage evenementen


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